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Yacht Charter - Wdzydze Kiszewskie


Yacht charter


Yachtcharter Saturn 21 - the possibility of chartering a fully equipped yacht Saturn 21 in options daily, or for a week.

Sailing with skipper


Boat with skipper - a great adventure, individually selected plan of cruise in terms of interest and the needs of our customers. The opportunity to spend free time to sail without a sailing license.

Refreshment cruises


Our proposal is dedicated to those "fresh" at the rate of sailing, or those who wanted some time to return to the passion of sailing. If you do not feel confident enough in the water to independently conduct yacht - Charter Eufonia help you in this! During the cruise provide the care our skipper, we take care of the safety of the crew and give valuable tips, while you gain valuable experience driving the boat. The skipper is at your disposal for 6 h cruise.

- Sailor's Knowledge -

Close reach

quote-up Close roach is the name of the apparent wind, or winds sailing on the flowing unit, which comes from the fields:
between the wind blowing straight from the side of the unit (half-wind) and the wind blowing from the dead angle or from the bow units.